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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018
The Legend of Kaspar Hauser – film review

The Legend of Kaspar Hauser – film review


The Legend of Kaspar Hauser is one of those films that urge you to turn it off as soon as you see the first scene. And yet you don’t, you watch the entire film like if you were hypnotized. And this state of hypnosis is a hell of a ride from start until the end. You watch it even if you cannot believe what you’re actually seeing. It’s avant-garde, it’s loud and makes it extremely easy on you to crash your teeth when you try to bite it. But you watch it nonetheless. With a surrealist form and story it is more of a performance then film but it stops you right where you’re standing. And that is a rare quality these days. So, frankly, I don’t care if it’s been called by critics an anthem of hipster subculture (whatever this means) or a film [that] goes deeply, terribly wrong. I also don’t care about the complaints that the story has nothing to do with the real story of Kaspar Hauser. It is a piece of visually stunning film art accompanied by Vitalic’s music which I’m not particularly a fan of, but here it fits  very well. It is also a very European – flavored film with it’s surrealistic display of modern culture. So, art lovers, club goers, cinematography fans and all the people who want to see something brave and different Kaspar is there waiting for you :) Oh, and one more thing: It’s funny…





The Legend of Kaspar Hauser (Subtitled)


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