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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018
Technology in the service of film marketing.

Technology in the service of film marketing.


Did you know that there are about 137 000 new startups being brought to life around the globe every day? Many of those start ups have great products or tools within the area of digital marketing. Not to mention those, that are already on the market. That is a great number of tools to choose from. And while those products and services can have a great impact on your film strategy, the most important thing is to stay focused on your goals and to use technology as a tool not as a goal itself. In the end what’s the purpose of having thousands of followers everywhere if you’re not able to utilize those numbers into a conversion. And while technology plays extremely important role in modern marketing (and pretty much in everything else), the basic rules remain the same:

  • Create a strategy for your film early enough to give yourself a chance to implement it.
  • Find your audience and then engage yourself in a dialog with your audience. One way communication does not work!
  • Utilize your creative skills for your marketing campaign as well as film itself.
  • Use the technology to help you achieve all above

And?since we are on utilizing technology tools and resources, here are few that you might be interested in (click the links to check them out):


  • WordPress or Joomla. Choose any of those to built a decent website for your film or for yourself.
  • Themeforest. Best website to help you find proper template for your website. There are thousands of templates available on themeforest. Take the time to go through them and pick one most suitable for your film (and not most popular). Pay attention if the template is mobile ready (this is a must), retina ready and SEO ready is desirable. Plan ahead your film’s distribution strategy. If you plan to sell your film via your website as well (and you most definitely should) pick the woo-commerce template (or woo-commerce ready, although in this case you might need coder’s help to customize it). Check theme author’s comments and ratings. Don’t forget to load e-mail plugin or use MailChimp to collect data base.
  • MobilePhoneEmulator.Before you go ahead and spend money on template check it on emulator! Once your own site is up and running check it again with the same tool.
  • Google Analytics. Don’t solely relay on your hosting service provider statistics. Get a tracking code from Google and apply it on your website. It will give you the idea on how your website is doing on the net and where the traffic comes from (among very many other features that Google Analytics offers in general)
  • Get your Keywords right. You don’t have to make an AdWords campaign but KeyWords search will help you find the proper words to implement on your site. Use plugins like WordPress SEO to help you with key words location and frequency.

Content Management and Strategy tools

  • Klout. Perfect to plan ahead your content strategy. Via Klout you may not only find relevant and interesting content to share with your followers but also to plan ahead and time your own campaign. Remember to follow 80-20 rule. 20% is your own content. Klout also shows you the peak time to reach your audience!
  • Kred. Similar tool to Klout but reacher. Shows you the localization of your audience and communities within your content target. Very useful in terms of analysis and research as well as planning.
  • Feedly. Great tool to research?competitive film websites and blogs. Great tool to spot websites with film content to help you make a list of potential reviewers.

Creative tools and sources

  • Canva. A fantastic free tool to create design and properly format your visuals on social media and more!
  • Pixlr  You don’t have Adobe Photoshop? Not a problem anymore. Use Pixlr! Not far from AP and will help you with graphic design and formats.
  • Resize Your Image.?Free tool to do all re-formats! Simple and user friendly tool.
  • Dribbble. You don’t have the neck for graphic design? Get help from Dribble. Great source of cost-effective and creative designers.
  • Serif. Many free graphic and web design tools
  • Pond5. Obviously great to search for video stock but Pond5 is also a decent place to look for animation and title sequance templates – for your film, website and promo activities

Film Sales Support

  • Consumer Barometer by Google. Very useful tool to learn about your consumers’ technology habits especially if you plan sales and promotion on international markets. It will help you with trailer positioning but it is a must check if you’re planning any paid campaign via Google or social media.


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