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Thursday, February 22nd, 2018
Targeting: Aim your slingshot only at the right audience!

Targeting: Aim your slingshot only at the right audience!

by January 19, 2014 Film marketing tools

FMB doesn’t mean shooting literally of course! :) but marketing targeting indeed resembles slingshot shooting… First thing first when it comes to targeting – get your slingshot ready! Check if you’re ready to introduce your film to the audience.

Is the trailer ready and technically optimized to make people want to watch it? Is it dramatic and gripping enough? Do you have a proper film description and a tagline? Do you have a press release for it? Do you actually have a specific goal set up for your film?? Marketing is a science not wishful thinking and it is always best to know from the beginning where you want your film to land. Once you’re sure your slingshot is well prepared, you may start aiming at your audience. Yet before you set yourself on the right shooting position and fire your first slingshot rock, you need to decide who your audience is. That decision should be made at the very early stage of creating a film – screenplay level even. Once you know for whom you’re making a film, you are ready to aim but not yet to shoot.

The next step here is finding your audience – highly creative process – it really requires thinking outside of the box. Usual independent filmmaker’s box includes You Tube and Vimeo, film related sites, film related reviewers etc – all around film. This box is great but not complete. With You Tube and Vimeo being overloaded with video your chances to find your audience there are slight (unless you pay for ad campaign of course). Film related sites and reviewers – great if you can show your work via those communication channels but as probably most of you discovered already – it’s hard for indie filmmakers to get published due to very competitive market. So, the question lingers: how to stand out? Well, this is where you should summon all your creative forces and let your imagination flow once more.. If you’re making a documentary about saving life – you might consider websites dedicated to CPR and health. If you’re making a film about life changes, you might consider lifestyle websites. If you’re making a romantic comedy you might consider female oriented product sites (clothing, cosmetics, lifestyle etc) and so on and so forth…

So once you have full package ready, check your aiming for the very last time and shoot! You only get one slingshot hit, so do not waste it by hitting at random target. You might get surprised by how thinking outside of box strategy really pays off when it comes to targeting your audience…Sign up for FMB Newsletter to find out more about targeting!

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