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Thursday, February 22nd, 2018
Only Matters What’s Inside? FMB doesn’t think so… (Brand It Up!…)

Only Matters What’s Inside? FMB doesn’t think so… (Brand It Up!…)


Imagine you’re about to buy a shampoo. There are two shampoos standing on the shelf in the store next to each other. One has a grey colored regular bottle and a label “Shampoo” on it. The other one has beautifully designed shiny bottle with “This Shampoo will make you look sexy” caption on it. Which one will you choose? Here is the marketing secret how to significantly improve your Film’s performance!

The secret is Branding! Marketers do not look at film from entertainment perspective as your audience does (at least during their office hours:)) – they look at film as a product and every product needs branding. Film is not an exception. Branding is filmmaker’s personal password to viewers perception. Using branding the filmmaker gets a tool to influence the audience and have them want to watch his or her movie.

What is branding then? The simplest definition would be: branding is a process of building product’s unique qualities that make that product easily recognizable to customers (audience). But brand is much more. Brand is additional value that creates the desire to watch the film. FMB deeply believes that branding is equally important as the film itself.

And yes, you’re an artist and you want people to pay attention to your art :) And they will eventually but the first thing you need to do is to wrap your film nicely for the people to buy it! Branding is your shiny wrap!

So, next time you visit a store, take a closer look at shampoos and think about what you are actually about to buy. Are you buying a formula to wash your hair with or are you buying a brand?

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