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Thursday, February 22nd, 2018
Why European filmmakers lose the global entertainment race – Mainstream book short review

Why European filmmakers lose the global entertainment race – Mainstream book short review

by July 25, 2013 Inspiration

Mainstream book coverSome time ago I came across a very interesting book – “Mainstream” by French author Frederic Martel. A must read for people interested in film industry and pop culture in general. It gives a great insight into film industry on many levels, from film production via distribution rights to local cultural issues all around the world.

What I love the most about this book however, is the fact, that it is a real, objective documentary about massive culture with no passing judgments. The author took a great research effort, traveled around the world ( over 30 countries including USA, India, , China, Brazil, Turkey, Czech, Qatar in 5 years) to deliver  great perspective  on how pop culture is established in different countries. Mainstream not only gives detailed information about how entertainment business works but brings up all the  complicated relations between developers/creators, investors and  final viewers. The number of issues undertaken in this book is huge – again fantastic research job – here are some most important aspects:

– American pop culture and it’s global influence – why some cultures are resistant to it

– How does global film marketing work

– China involvement in global entertainment industry

– Relations between major studios and global distributors

– Why music industry suffered from technology progress

– Illusive role of European film and video games developers in global entertainment industry.

– Money flow in global entertainment industry

The conclusion from all this research is, that Europe is far behind in entertainment business race. Relating to film industry in Europe – might be the problem  that European filmmakers do not understand massive viewer point of view. There is a great dissonance between what is being created  and what people actually want to watch. Or maybe, we Europeans treat ourselves too seriously and do not know how to have film fun :) We better catch up though, otherwise all the big scores will not be ours. Mainstream – your personal guide to entertainment industry is available both in digital and print version. Really worth to read. Important information: I have official confirmation from book author Frederic Martel, that book is not translated into English. Further more, there is no plans for now to do so. He also confirmed that book was published in over 20 countries, including China, Japan, Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland, Mexico, South Korea..I have to say, I am surprised, that probably the best book I have read about film industry is not available on biggest film markets! Link to a Spanish version below.

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    Thanks for this article and suggestion.
    Any idea where to get an English copy of the book or perhaps eBook?

  2. Most kind, thank you :)

  3. I really like your site, lots of good film info…

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