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Thursday, February 22nd, 2018
Are you looking for digital distribution for your video content? Filmbay may be just for you – interview with Hans Beyer

Are you looking for digital distribution for your video content? Filmbay may be just for you – interview with Hans Beyer


FilmBayIf you’re an indie filmmaker and looking digital distribution partner for your video content you may be interested in Filmbay’s services. About Filmbay’s benefits and revenue for filmmakers we talked to Hans Beyer – VP Sales at Filmbay LTD.

FMB. Few words of introduction: what is Filmbay’s main objective?

H.B. Filmbay is an open platform that offers worldwide on-demand distribution for independent films, shortfilms, music, ebooks, art as well as a creative talent showcase. Filmbay’s main objective is to generate revenue for independent artists, give them more exposure.

FMB. How can filmmakers benefit from becoming a Filmbay member?

H.B. Filmmakers benefit from becoming a Filmbay member by getting worldwide exposure, collaborating and creating new content with others, and monetizing their content.

FMB. There is a wide choice of film communities in digital media. What would you say distinguishes Filmbay from other communities? How would you define Filmbay’s unique qualities?

H.B. Unlike others, filmbay is a unique, memorable and highly visible brand. Filmbay is unique in that we do not charge annual fees to filmmakers, seeking distribution, if we do not see a fit. This is important, since, if for example a filmmaker or independent producer approaches us with content, that has millenials as its main target group, we may pass on that, given the challenging specifics of that demographic group (“Where can I download it free?”)

Filmbay is also unique in its social media marketing expertise. Our social media metrics on twitter and facebook are growing daily and we get requests from indie creators around the world. We have our own newsfeeds, syndicated worldwide, partnerships with other news and wire services and internal database of worldwide contacts.

FMB. A question that every filmmaker would like to know the answer to:): what level of profit can be expected from Filmbay’s distribution services?

H.B. If we see a fit and the demographics are good we sign on indie content creators. If not, we don’t. Filmbay never has and never will take ANY MONEY upfront from an indie producer, if we cannot establish a plan to either generate ROI, or at least exposure to a key audience, based on target demographics. We are different in that respect from other services, which CHARGE money upfront, knowing full well that there is no specific target audience. Some services charge $199 and more per annum, and other than a few hits, there is no revenue for the producer.

In other cases, we may even recommend a producer seek out other distribution options and methods first, especially if we cannot establish a target audience in question. A distributor, that is exclusive in any way, may take away certain territories as part of their deal, but it is not advisable to do such a deal WITHOUT getting a specified amount of compensation, i.e. lump-sum cash, as buyout option for the producer.

Every contract, deal memo we build is unique. This is always based upon communication & negotiation with a producer/exceutive producer. There is no cookie-cutter deal memo, and the parameters are always different. All our memos conform 100% to the international Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA) agreements, and are recognized worldwide.

I think what distinguishes us from other services is that once we decide to work with a producer, is that we use all available means at our disposal to connect the film with an audience, or, in the case of true novelty films, find a niche audience to help build buzz and generate revenue. If neither, the former, nor the latter applies, we tell the indie producer this upfront.

FMB. Any glimpse of future plans for Filmbay?

H.B. We are growing so fast we can hardly keep up with the requests. So we are working on hiring new staff to meet the demand. Also, we essentially don’t see others as “competitors,” or “rivals,” but as potential partners. That is why we work with others, and try to build synergies and establish creative content monetization strategies. With so much available content, there is enough to go around for everyone. ..

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