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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018
Is Facebook a marketing?

Is Facebook a marketing?

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by July 18, 2016 Film PR, Social Media, What's new

What do you think? Is this “Like” war worth the pains? No doubt Facebook has become a very important part of our life. No wonder, that filmmakers rely on it solely, when it comes to marketing of their films. The only problem is, that many filmmakers treat Facebook as ultimate marketing solution, and not one of the tools in the marketing process. And they often wind up disappointed when Facebook fails to deliver conversion. Well, Facebook is only a tool, one of many that anyone should consider while building film marketing strategy. It has definitely few pros, but very many cons as well.. So today, we will concentrate on cons. Let’s debung few myths about FB and marketing.

  • “Facebook is marketing” – No, it isn’t. It is just a very small part of marketing, called social media marketing.
  • “Facebook is free” – That is most certainly not true. Yes, you can host a fan page, or a group on FB for free, but having it, is not equal to outreach. To have an outreach on decent level you will need to pay up a lot of money to FB, with no guarantee that it will work on any level.
  • “Facebook has good analytical and targeting tools” – Well…you can go by with it, but comparing to even free version of Google, in our opinion FB hasn’t got much to offer.
  • “Facebook is solid data base” – is it though? What tools do you really have in your hands? Do you have your fans’ names, e-mails and other data to improve your general communication and create a proper sales channel? No, you don’t. The only things you do have are more or less anonymous people who clicked “like”, and may  “unlike” your page at any given moment. And also famous FB wall with less than 2% of organic reach. Not a very data base’y :)
  • “Facebook does not require much work” – FB requires lots and lots of work. To have an effective fan page on Facebook, you will need to exceed your creativity on every day basis, and become the master of planning and targeting. Otherwise your fans will quickly loose their interest in your page. Not to mention that FB itself forces publishers to produce a lot of content in order to keep generic outreach and keep people interested in your content. And then Facebook forces publishers to pay in order for their fans to see content, claiming the general care for users needs :)
  • “Facebook is great sales tool” – not in our experience, it isn’t. Facebook may be a great brand promotion or PR tool, but its sales abilities are seriously doubtful. Perhaps if you’re huge business and have the money to enforce sales on your users, then maybe it is more effective – although still doubtful :)
  • “If I have a fan page, then I don’t need a website, or other data base” – yes, you do. It is like playing with toys, that don’t belong to you. One day someone could just come over, and take the toys you’ve been playing with with no explanation granted. We recommend to always try to built data base of your own, for many reasons. From having a proper communication channel with your fans, that can be used directly without 3rd party, to the fact that Facebook can shut down your page without any kind of explanation or financial compensation. And it is no rare case either, so your own data base is always your best chance to create your best sales channel. Let it be a website or outside DB like Mail Chimp or whatever else DB you feel comfortable with.
  • “Facebook gives me a freedom of artistic expression” – not exactly. Not when it comes to advertising. Adverts on FB need to meet requirements that non other platforms have. For example your advert cannot have more than 20% of writings on it. And as an advertiser you should have the right to create and advertise as you feel is best for your particular film or product. Rumor has it in the marketing industry, that FB will become at some point a giant BIG DATA sales platform, and even if it’s only a rumor, still something to think about when you give away your creative talents for free :))
  • “If you don’t have FB, you don’t exists” – guess it’s true, but only partially. Only when it comes to potential marketing partners. Any partner, that you’d like to do business with, hangs on to those “likes” just as you do. So yes, having a FP, or other kinds of activities on FB should be a part of your strategy. But only a part, not a main force driving your film project.

So, do get on board with Facebook, but do it wisely. Look into other social media, what do they have to offer. Look for partners, that could help you spread the word out, look for indie film friendly companies. Locate your time and money in diverse communication channels.

If you have an experience with social media that you’d like to share with us and other filmmakers, we are leaving the comments open. We would love to hear about your FB success stories!




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