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Thursday, February 22nd, 2018
Home Entertainment Distribution Dilemma…No more – Game over!

Home Entertainment Distribution Dilemma…No more – Game over!



The DVD/Blu-ray market?continues to decline every?passing year. But how bad it actually is?? Oh, it’s pretty bad…

If you consider DVD/BD releases for your film – think twice because physical carriers (DVD/BD) might?have?officially entered Dinosaurs Era. According to International Video Federation European DVD Market decline reached almost 12% in 2012*.?IVF is also?pretty?confident, that 2013 report will show no improvement.

What does this change in?home entertainment landscape?mean for Filmmakers and Studios??The obvious answer is more and more of digital distribution but we’re wondering if this is the only technology progress we’re gonna get here. Let’s take Christmas for instance – the exchanging gifts season. Somehow it’s hard to imagine that in the?not far away?future on Christmas instead of nicely looking DVD/BD box you’ll get the Netflix code…Takes away all the charm, doesn’t it??So, what’s next? Personally crafted flash drives? with a good quality film on it seems like a good idea?until the next big technology step is taken.

But just this Christmas?take a moment to think?about our?disappearing?Dinosaurs as they deserve our gratitude for being our friends for so many years… Happy Holiday Season? from Film Marketing Blog!


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