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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018
FMB Film Marketing Alphabet To Help You Through The Marketing Jungle!

FMB Film Marketing Alphabet To Help You Through The Marketing Jungle!


Have you ever got discouraged and scared off?by all those boring marketing terms? Don’ worry, we’ve got you covered. Here is our film marketing alphabet to help you through the marketing jungle!

A?like Audience

Call it as you like, fans, customers, consumers, clients. These are those very kind people who might choose to buy your film. They are always right, always worth to listen what they have to say.

B like Branding

Have you ever tried to?buy?a salt without some kind of package?? Branding is your film’s package!

C like Creativity

Film marketing without creativity is like a salmon fish without ocean water. If there is no water how will your salmon grow and reach all those far destinations?. Try to get on that upstream current. And then click here to do the Salmon dance :)

D like Data

A wonderful source of market and audience knowledge that filmmakers hardly ever use and anlyze.

E like E-marketing

Totally important with low to no budget. ?Still just a part of overall strategy not a goal itself.

?F like Festivals

To be a part of ?festival round up or not to be. Depends what you’re after. It may effectively ruin your budget or it may help you increase your popularity. Choose wisely.

G like Google

Google, No, Matrix,! No, Google:)

There is much more of “You” on internet then you probably wish. Always double check what you’re about to post on internet. You cannot be sure where is it going to land.

H like Humble

There is no Mr. or Mrs. “know it all”.

I like Integrate

Non-integrated campaigns are perfect candidates to fail.

J like Jackpot

Try to hit it with proper audience targeting.

K like Keywords

Don’t be shy, help the search engines find your film. Keyword everything you want to share with your audience.

L like Law

Like any other discipline marketing is obliged by law. Consequences of ignorance of the law may be severe.

M like Mobile

Over 30% internet traffic goes through mobile. And this number is to increase. Can you afford to ignore that? Remember that when you built a website or plan your digital campaign.

N like Niche

A group of people linked together by specific needs and interests. You may be positively surprised how the niche may influence your actual profit.

O like Objectives

First thing to think of. Because you need to have a place to go in order to get there!

R like ROI

Return of your investment. Those 3 innocent letters keep awake at night many business people. As an independent filmmaker you probably will not have to much room for experiments. Plan your investments ahead.

S like Strategy

All the pieces that need to be put together to conquer the market!

T like Tagline

Your message to your audience. Keep this message?clear!

U like Unique Selling Point

Every film is unique in it’s own way. Try to spot your uniqueness and then show it to your audience.

W like Website

Anyone can built one these days. Seriously. Don’t make it financial priority – “do it yourself” is an option here.

V like Viral

Great way to promote independent film. If you’re lucky enough to?go viral remember why you did it in a first place. Number of likes on Facebook does not equal conversion!

Z like Zen

You will need that, a lot. Zen yourself and keep going. Marketing needs time, hardly ever can be done overnight. Unless you experience a film brand high jacking. And we sure do hope you experience it:)



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