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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018
Filmmaker Profile – Amit Mehra

Filmmaker Profile – Amit Mehra

by January 23, 2014 Filmmaker Profile

AmitMehraBorn in north India, Amit Mehra always wanted to be a filmmaker. He wrote his first film story at the age of 6, titled ‘Mystery Of The Last Drop’. The film was never produced but gave  birth to his passion for filmmaking…
After graduating film school at XIC in Mumbai, joined the Indian film industry (Bollywood) as an assistant director in 1991. He assisted on numerous English and Hindi film and commercials projects till 1994 before independently directing television, documentaries & commercials.

During past 18 years Amit created and directed several television series including popular 90’s black humour sitcom Mat Halla Macha.

Amit Mehra heads a film production company Amp Angles, based in Mumbai. Currently Amp Angles develops their first feature film project for 2014 slate which will be directed by Amit. He is also involved in writing two feature film screenplays for other producers and developing his first book “To Err is Divine”, which explores the dark side of Indian spiritual world.

His latest project is Ekanth –  short film, a suspense/mystery drama that explores the reality of how modern lives across geo/cocial space are becoming isolated despite being surrounded by the ever-increasing sea of people.

See the Ekanth trailer here. Ekanth will be soon available to watch  in English version via digital distribution channels.

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