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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018
Filmmaker! Let global community see your work!

Filmmaker! Let global community see your work!


Love to sneak around the internet? Most people do! :) It works well in your favor if you’re a creative talent. Why not make it easy on the sneaks and help them with their research struggle? Here are some tools to improve your web brand establishment!

–           Personal webpage: with all the CMS technology available, website production costs are now reduced to $50 and week of content work. Why not use this technology to build your own brand via personal website?

–           We do know how valuable is Vimeo for filmmakers, please keep in mind however that most commercial clients will not look there to see your work. Yet so many of you have only Vimeo/FB accounts… Plus there is so much video on Vimeo now that it’s hard to find what you’re looking for. To make it a easier on researchers, Tag you’re clips properly (including for example your nationality or film genre you do: documentaries, commercial, etc..).

–           Showreel is your tool to get viewers attention. If you do not make it available to share on blogs, youtube, FB, Twitter, etc,  you are decreasing drastically your chances to be seen by global community. If you’re afraid that someone will copy or use your work,  just put a watermark or logo in the showreel. What’s the point of putting your showreel or any other video content on Vimeo/Youtube if you don’t want people to share it?

–           Contact info: We do understand that some of you hold privacy in high regards but this is crucial to make your contact info easily available. Many of filmmakers have only a twitter account or contact form.  What’s happened to old fashioned e-mails? It’s hard to put a business or filmmaking cooperation proposal via twitter or facebook and quit frankly people do not want to do that. If you don’t want to put your name, use your nick name in e-mail..If you don’t like particular e-mail just delete it or increase your server security level.  If you’re not Coca – cola, you should be safe from thousands of e-mails blocking your mailbox :)

–           If you are using social networking (and you most definitely should), use the ones which are most common (like FB, Twitter, Google +, Instagram) as well as your favorite local pages. This is a huge time waste for someone to create new accounts in new social network websites just to get in touch with you/or see your work.

This is so very basic you can do to speed up your projects/goals/carrier/campaigns..You’re an artist, let people see your art!

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  1. Looking forward to it :)

  2. This is an experiment in progress – will reply to that really soon :)

  3. Great concise overview of ‘getting work seen’ tactics! Thanks! And how about signing into all the different filmmaker directories? You think it makes sense? Any of those you might recommend?