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Thursday, February 22nd, 2018
Film website – is it always necessary to have one?

Film website – is it always necessary to have one?

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Websites are a main source of knowledge about films and a place where you’d drive your campaign to. Even though social network fan pages have huge impact on film promotion, they are still a tool to get to a final destination which is movie website. Many reasons for that to be..

First of all, the content –  it is just not possible to organize your content in a way to suit your purpose unless you have a website. The content driven campaigns – the majority of campaigns now, need some space to exist in virtual world. The website content can be powerful tool to get your audience on board. Usually the site is build around the movie title, however it is not always the case. There are few fantastic examples of building a content driven community around film website:
–        The Dark knight with campaign and making Gotham city as real to internet audience as any other city on earth.
–        Last’s year Prometheus with, where you could sign in for the project and become part of it. As well as bringing to life one of  main character’s company with fantastic idea to use TED talk to promote Prometheus mission. I was really impressed with this one:)
–        Very intriguing The East movie website at, where the facebook app uses your profile data to see if you are a part of the East..This one is actually quite disturbing and reminded why one should not keep photos on FB timeline :) Plus it is an example of perfect synergy between website and social network tool
–        New Danny Boyle movie Trance with very Trance like websites and

Secondly, websites are global, so by having a website you open yourself to a global audience.

Thirdly, websites are great opportunity to gather your database and use it for your next feature film.

So it doesn’t matter what kind of genre you’re making or dealing with, website is a must. Just remember to provide interesting content (video, e-books, audio, etc) and give your audience something to play with (apps, webinars, chat etc.)

And as far as giving audience something to play  with goes, here is a viral idea for this Friday teen premiere The Host – become a soul. If you have not been on a teen blockbuster movie poster before here is your chance :)

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