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Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Film Trailer – marketer’s best friend

Be First!
by February 13, 2013 Film PR

Film trailer usually generate one of 3 reactions.  The first one is embarrassment, the second  indifference, and the third  amazement. If the trailer hits first or third you have a great chance to bring people to the theatres or to buy your film via other channels of distribution…

Embarrassment isn’t always bad, there is a large group of people who want to see the movie out of curiosity. The indifference is definitely the worst enemy of trailer producer or filmmaker. It leaves viewers with absolutely  “no need to see” idea in their heads and moreover, they will probably forget about it the minute they finish watching it. Amazement however is exactly what viewers look for in trailers. It is a straight path to interest and then to consuming a film. So how to amaze viewers with your trailer even if the film does not have the Matrix potential ?

Firstly you need to show as little of a film as possible, once you spoil the film for viewers what is the reason to see the film?. It needs to be kept simple, standard trailers are only 2 minutes long. Fitting the complicated content in the trailer will probably bore and confuse the viewer instead creating “must see” need. Within those 2 minutes you need to show the Idea of the film but not the film itself. Always the shorter the better. Secondly, take care of dynamic of film editing, well chosen and edited shots will keep the viewers exactly where you want them to be no matter what kind of movie you’re working on. Thirdly it is the music that completes the trailer and plays with viewer emotions. This simple triangle: the Idea, the Visuals and Emotions will make an amazing tool to help people choose your film over others. All you need to do now is present it to a viewers…


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