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Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Where is the money? Film marketing budget grants and support


There is group of filmmakers who say, that they make films to satisfy their artistic needs. We’d say however that most filmmakers? want to make?money out of?filmmaking. If you made a movie – well congratulations, but what’s next? It seems simple: first you need to find your audience and then show your movie. In reality, both are quite difficult goals to achieve with low to no money budget. Fortunately there are ways you can go with rising the budget for film and film marketing budget even if you’re a beginner.

Firstly, if you’re thinking of looking for marketing budget funds, you will need to establish that there is one to be planned. You need to plan your film budget in a way that the percentage goes to marketing (unless you have a breaking through, kick ass idea for word of mouth, then?we say you’ll need it:)).?We know, that film production costs are endless, but if you’re thinking about showing your film to wide range of viewers, you need to be prepared to spend some money on marketing as well :)

First and obvious?places to get grants? are national film institutes.?Almost every country has a film institute that supports local productions and filmmakers.
The Institutes offer many grants from full production to screenplay or skills development. Keep in mind however that most Institutes support local film industry (even though they have international grants) and it’s always best to start with your own country. Few examples of national Institutes:

BFI (British Film Institute)

AFI (American Film Institute)

DFF (German Film Institute)

PISF (Polish Film Institute)

You should also search for local support like cultural councils. If you decide to apply for institute grant just remember to follow the exact grant guideline or you’ll decrease your chances drastically of receiving one right there at the beginning.

Second group are profit or non profit artists support organizations such as

Third way to receive funds is?crowdfunding, great?way??for independent filmmakers if well prepared. Crowdfunding is really?a marketing project and to perform successful crowdfunding campaign need to think like a marketer (see our interview with Simon Horrocs – Director of Third Contact). You can also choose?entrust your crowdfunding campaign to professionals specializing in the?theme of?crowdfunding.

You can also try to find a producer for your movie (most likely independent) to fund your film and your marketing needs. It is always worth to keep your eyes on upcoming pitchings organized not only by studios but also by film schools and televisions (local and global). The only problem here is, that with producer you most likely will? not have as much freedom as you’d like.

Once you’ve got the funds you need, go?over your production goals again and see what must be done not only to produce but also to show your movie to audience.

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  1. Can you launch a kickstarter campaign to fund your kickstarter campaign? :) I’m just saying running a great film funding campaign looks like a full-time job, with all the incentives and giveaways, posters and gigs. But then again you’re asking people for their money so that’s kind of fair. Esti

  2. Ha, good question :) I guess it would be possible, although it does seem like a double work to me – as you said the campaigns need lot’s of work. If you try however do let me know how it went :)

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