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Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

CIM & Bloomberg Digital Summit – digital marketing fun facts..

by July 3, 2013 Film PR

I had a pleasure of  participating in CIM/Bloomberg Digital Summit last Friday, one of biggest marketing events in Europe. 8 speakers during the conference talked about digital marketing, strategies and social media trends and reality…What really stayed with me is a fantastic presentation performed by Daniel Rowles (Digital Marketing Podcast)

Daniel gave  a great overview of digital marketing and social media, so here are some fun facts from this presentation, that you might find useful.

  • 16 years of video uploaded to YouTube every day, 100 hours per minute
  • 24% internet traffic goes now through mobile.
  • Twitter generates 400 mln tweets a day
  • 30% of people are missing the event by communicating that event on social media in the real time
  • Only 15% procent of people that clicked “Like” on Facebook are actually going to read your content
  • Social proof quickly becoming a decision maker factor
  • Google plus account is a must if you’re looking into targeting your site/product to right audience

What does it all mean for a Filmmaker?

To stand out of 16 years of video content daily, you need to make your trailer or crowd funding video emotional. Give people something to remember you by. It may be fantastic shots, it may be filmmaker personality or you might simply want to make people laugh or scare them..Just get your viewer emotionally attached to your film.. Also,  it is my personal view, I just cannot go through video unless it is well ready to be viewed: has a proper definition, general quality and attention to details (title sequence, credits etc..).

24% is huge number, mobile is not only your phone, it’s your IPad, tablet even the Google glass (according to Daniel :)). Make it easy on your readers by having film website responsive and well connected to social media you use. Just make sure that everything works fine on your mobile device:)

400 mln tweets a day: use twitter good practice in a good way: 7 times a day is correct if you have something to say.. Repeat your message in modified way but with no overreaction with numbers..

To increase your reach on Facebook and Google plus engage your friends. Film is usually interesting content for most people, do let your friends know your work and let them work on your behalf,  ask them to write about your movie on their own timeline and of course ask them to like your page. Make your content easy to share. Make yourself more credible by using friends recommendations on all social platforms you use.

Although, I myself  am not so sure about Facebook campaigns any more, unless you engage your viewers on app level.. Facebook is suppose to be friends platform and you don’t want adds where friends hang out, do you? I guess it depends on point of view..

Come up with strategy relevant to your film project,  it’s not about using all social channels to promote your movie. It’s about reaching the proper target, so if want to interest teens, come up with snapchat campaign, use facebook if you dedicate your film to wide audience but only if you have friends to back you on it etc..

And the most important thing, which most of you probably do know already, always worth to repeat: do not demand any information from people unless you have a value to give out.

btw: Snapchat is crazy, little app indeed:)

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  1. 30% of people are missing the event by communicating that event on social media in the real time – my favorite! :)) lol

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