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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018
Zero risk, zero upfront cost for digital distribution – possible? Read our Q&A with Roger Jackson from KinoNation

Zero risk, zero upfront cost for digital distribution – possible? Read our Q&A with Roger Jackson from KinoNation


Kinonation digital distributionThe value of digital distribution is well known to every filmmaker set on selling the film to the audience. But where is the value there is a trick as well. In case of digital distribution there are few tricks really, lead by high upfront costs, subjectivity of aggregators and not enough marketing foundation to enter the distribution outlets. The 3rd one (marketing foundation) is something that filmmaker must establish individually (or by hiring the marketing agency). But upfront cost and subjectivity may not be an issue anymore. If you’re thinking about distribution via digital outlets Kinonation may be a solution for you. Straightforward questions and practical answers from Roger Jackson from Kinonation at glance.


FMB. A few words of introduction. What is Kinonation? What services does it provide for filmmakers? What are the benefits for filmmakers from working with Kinonation?

R.J. Kinonation (no camel case) is a self-service platform that makes it fast & easy for filmmakers to distribute their films to dozens of VOD platforms globally, with zero risk and zero upfront cost.

FMB. How is Kinonation different from other digital distributors?

R.J. No upfront cost, non-exclusive, global. Plus we guarantee distribution for every film.

FMB. How does the process of distribution via Kinonation look like?

R.J. All digital workflow, no hard drives. Filmmakers upload master assets – film, trailer, metadata, images, captions one time only, we QC and immediately make available to VOD platforms to select or decline.

FMB. How long does it take to place a film in distribution outlets through Kinonation?

R.J. It’s as fast as the filmmaker is able to upload all the assets we require.

FMB. What type of film content is the most welcome by Kinonation and final distributors.

R.J.  Narrative features, documentaries, TV & episodic, and also specialist content that might previously have been available only on DVD.

FMB. What would be your advice to filmmakers who are to distribute their film for the first time via Kinonation?

R.J.  Make sure the film’s title, tagline & poster art is highly provocative. If not, consumers won’t be compelled to check it out.

FMB. What are the most common mistakes made by filmmakers regarding digital distribution?

R.J.  The most common is failing to spend $35 for the poster to be on IMDb. The IMDb page is always the first stop for the gatekeepers at the major outlets. The lack of a poster massively undermines the seriousness & credibility of the film.

FMB. What can be done to increase chances for widespread digital distribution?

R.J.  Make a film about a controversial and/or topical subject, add some name talent, get into some Tier A or Tier B festivals, make sure you get some press coverage. Ditch the title if it’s not provocative, even if you love it. Make sure the poster art is fully readable at thumbnail size, not just one sheet size.

FMB. Thank you for the practical insights from Kinonation!

Visit Kinonation page here!

Like with any aggregation platform check what is the exact offer regarding distribution outlets before you submit.

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