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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018
Dance the Past into the Future Feature Documentary Film available now on DVD!

Dance the Past into the Future Feature Documentary Film available now on DVD!

by January 9, 2015 FIlm Reviews, Reviews

It is s rare case nowadays to see a film that makes a real difference. A film that cherishes universal values and needs instead of those created artificially by the mass media. A film that reminds us how important it is to go back to our roots and traditions, in order ot save it from drowning in the infinite ocean of pop culture. Dance the Past into the Future documentary is definitely that kind of a film. Amongst lusciously green highlands and tea-harvesting villages of the Kachkar mountains in Turkey we discover the culture on the brink of extinction. We follow three generations of northeastern Turks finding and fighting for a well-rooted, shared identity amidst an onslaught of technological and societal change. And it is a real struggle. The temptation of western lifestyle is more and more difficult to resist – almost impossible for young people of Northeastern Turkey.




But there are still those who return to these serene highlands in the summer for traditions such as livestock migration, the energetic Horon dance, the Vartavor Festival, Tulum bagpipe music, and residency in handmade wooden homes. Their lives are contrasted to the younger generation who, other than vacations, have migrated away from ancestral lands to the metropolitan, concrete-dense cities of Turkey to pursue education and work. Through epic cinematic images and a personal narratives, the universal story is told that should inspire us to think once again where our civilization is heading to. Do we really want to live as the outcasts of our own communities, far away from nature, far away from our homes and values? Do we still have the time to change it? In the avalanche of modern developments, will the mountain-based cultures of northeast Turkey suffocate? See the vanishing culture in Dance the Past into the Future feature documentary.

Available now on DVD!

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