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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018
Steven Soderbergh on condition of modern filmmaking business!

Steven Soderbergh on condition of modern filmmaking business!


One of Hollywood’s  most creative directors and filmmakers Steven Soderbergh  takes on modern  filmmaking business. So many significant points has been made including the difference between cinema and movies, studio’s approach to filmmaking and distribution, the obstacles that independent filmmaking has to face. There is not enough room for talents in every aspect of filmmaking and too much room for calculation….

It is not a big secret that studios put a lot of effort and money to test and then to promote their movies on global markets.  From our experience there is a significant correlation between promotion spending and performance on market. But what does that really mean? Do people just look for the simple pastime and don’t want to be troubled with serious matters (which we have a full understanding for)? Or maybe if the serious matters had bigger promotion (read more money for promotion) would they perform as good as blockbusters?

Good option here is to tell important stories in a way that people will not feel mentally abused afterwards:)). Films like Slumdog or District 9 or we’re sure Grand Hotel Budapest gives a take on very complicated issues but after watching them you do not find yourself  suicidal. You have a feeling that you actually learned something and in the same time you just had a very entertaining two hours.

So I guess with all understanding for financial surroundings of making movies we’d have to agree with Steven that investing in talents it’s a great benefit to all parties: filmmakers, audiences and studios. And yes, one may say that Steven is one of those “Oh, I can’t get the studios to finance films that I want to make” guys – but if it’s coming from a director of Traffic, Solaris, Che, Erin Brockovich, then something is definitely not entirely all right with modern filmmaking business. What do you think?

State of Cinema: Steven Soderbergh from San Francisco Film Society on Vimeo.

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