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Thursday, February 22nd, 2018
Brand and film brand

Brand and film brand

by March 19, 2013 Film brand management

 What is film brand, how to define the brand identity in film, does term film brand applies to singular movie project or the genres in general? And also how to develop film brand recognizable to global audience? Do the rules of branding really apply to film industry?

Why brand is so important? The easiest way to explain it is, that brand helps people to differentiate available products. But there is so much more to it: it is an emotional connection between the customer and product or service provider. Brand qualities are the sustainers of this connection and well developed and organized are very important part of people’s life. So we say that every singular movie project is a film brand with it’s own specific qualities. How to develop good film brand then?

You need think about:

–        The story:  what is your movie about – big movie Idea
–        The genres: films are usually strongly connected to one genre.
–        The cast and crew and their qualities (famous names, talent’s professional experience )
–        Film visual identity – film esthetics: color grading, editing dynamics, movement of camera, title sequence, visual effects if applies.
–        The feeling of film: how would you like the film to be perceived by your audience, what emotion would you like to leave the viewer with
–        The value:  how will your viewers benefit from watching your movie: entertainment, education, unusual story, emotions?

These are elements  to think about when creating a film brand and let’s not forget about the foundation – the cohesion that connects all dots together to form one integral whole.

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