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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018
What’s important in artist promotion and how to avoid promotional mistakes – interview with talent promoter Cynthia Kahn – Founder of Amused Now

What’s important in artist promotion and how to avoid promotional mistakes – interview with talent promoter Cynthia Kahn – Founder of Amused Now



Cynthia Kahn head shot (225x178)Digital age has brought plenty of opportunities for artists not only to showcase their work but also to make a living of what they love the most. One of them is Amused Now..

FMB. What is Amused Now ? What is the idea and mission behind it?

C.K. Amused Now is my online journey to help artists make a living doing what they love. The world is full of talented artists. I want to provide the opportunity for talented artists to sell their art for profit, so the world has the opportunity to experience their creations.

As a first step in that journey, I created the Amused Now Blog and YouTube channel. Amused Now’s video interviews and featured artist posts shine a spotlight on great talent and bring artists to new fans. We provide indie fans with a dedicated web entertainment network to find new music, films and eBooks.

FMB. How can filmmakers and other artists benefit from exposure on

C.K. Amused Now has a reputation for supporting all types of indie artists, from filmmakers to musicians to authors, plus all types of businesses that support indie artists. Fans watch our interviews and read our blog learn about new artists and where to buy their work. Because Amused Now caters to multiple types of indie artists, we have a wider-reaching fan base than most indie sites.

When filmmakers participate with our featured artist program, they receive two types of promotional collateral: a video interview and blog post article. Interviews and articles written by a third party give an artist more credibility as a “person of interest” to potential fans and investors. Amused Now has helped many artists reach their Kickstarter goals.

Amused Now is active on Twitter (@Amused_Now), Facebook and Google+. Our artists receive worldwide social media exposure.

FMB. If you were to name 3 most important aspects of artist promotion, what would they be?

To me, the three important aspects of artist promotion are:

1) Enlist the help of a professional to create quality content,

2) Establish a web presence by building your own website or setting up a profile on an established site that fits your image, and

3) Set up your own social media accounts and share the responsibility for getting your message out there and meeting new fans.

FMB. What are the most common mistakes made by artists when it comes to promotion (self-promotion as well as art)?

C.K. The biggest mistake that any artist can make is assuming that promotion is 100% the promoter’s job. Although I do advise seeking the help of professional promoters to get credibility, every artist has to share the responsibility. Social media and self-promotion are the artist’s job. Our most successful Amused Now posts are those heavily promoted by the artists themselves. The most successful artists are social media savvy. Each social media platform has its own communication style. Find out where your fans hang out and get out there!

The second biggest mistake an artist can make is to forget that there is no such thing as your private life on the internet. Every comment you post, every picture you post and every video you post is a form of promotion and affects your image. Plus, everything on the internet has a shelf life of forever. So, before you click that Post or Share button, think about whether the content promotes your image or damages it.

Finally, the best promotion in the universe cannot make up for bad art. When starting out, be sure to get critiqued by someone you respect in the industry. Understand what film critics look for and what your fans want, then produce a quality product. Truly great art combined with effective promotion expands your reach to new fans and gets you career-boosting recognition.

FMB. Can you share any AmusedNow future plans?

C.K. The next step in the Amused Now journey is to add e-commerce. That way, Amused Now becomes an entertainment network. Fans can learn about new indie artists and purchase their work without leaving the site.

When Amused Now launches its e-commerce site later this year, artists can consolidate their web presence and build an artist profile; they can also upload their entertaining content for sale through our download or pay-per-view distribution channels. Fans can support their favorite artists by purchasing their content, which helps artists get paid and recoup their investment, so they have funds to produce new entertaining content.

FMB. Looking forward to your e-commerce project then! Thank you for the interview Cynthia!





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