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Thursday, February 22nd, 2018
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FMB is a boutique film marketing consultancy for independent filmmakers and film studios. We offer experience based film marketing guidance, services and strategies. Check FMB website for articles, film industry interviews, deals, marketing templates and other film marketing or film related info and services. Don’t forget to sign up for FMB Newsletter to stay up to date with film marketing and industry news!

Agnieszka editor

Agnieszka Sorycz is film marketing specialist with over 12 years experience in film and distribution industry. She has supported HE releases from Warner Bros, Disney Studios and HBO. Her marketing portfolio includes biggest blockbusters such as Harry Potter or Dark Knight as well as independent titles like Quentin Dupieux’s Rubber or Gareth Evans’s Raid.

MCIM Member of CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) and Oxford Brookes graduate. Managing Director at – creative platform facilitating cost-effective international co-production of film projects – mostly of documentary nature and showcasing/promoting  talented freelance multi-skilled Filmmakers.

Have questions, inquiries? You’re a film marketer and you’d like to join FMB editorial team? Or you have a product or service that is suitable for filmmakers and/or film fans? Write to (info (at) filmmarketingblog (dot) com, we will contact you back in 24 hours (unless we’re on holidays, then you will have to wait :) !

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